What is Karimoku? About Karimoku 60, Karimoku Gacha, and Domani

Karimoku is a Japanese furniture brand by Karimoku Furniture Co., Ltd.

Karimoku is one of the largest companies in the Japanese furniture industry, and is famous for Karimoku 60 and Karimoku Gacha.

Karimoku 60

Karimoku 60 is one of the brands made by Karimoku Furniture. It has been on sale since 2002.
The theme is to reestablish the style that has been loved since the 1960s.

Karimoku 60 is one of the brands participating in the “60 VISION” project sponsored by D & DEPARTMENT. The pronunciation of 60 is not “Rokuju” (sixty) but “Rokumaru”, which translates to six-zero.

Karimoku Gacha

Karimoku Gacha is a 500 yen capsule toy (gacha-gacha) that contains a miniature version of Karimoku 60 furniture.

Gacha-gacha (also called Gachapon, Gashapon, or just Gacha) is a vending machine of capsule toys for Japanese children, but also popular for foreign tourists due to their high quality. Vending machines can be seen in any Japanese super market, and many vending machines are installed at Narita Airport as a display of Japanese culture. Karimoku Gacha is especially popular because of its extremely high quality.

It is produced by Ken Elephant Co., Ltd. on a 1/12 scale. Details such as the texture of the sofa skin and fur is perfectly reproduced.

Currently, there are eight varieties of miniatures on sale.

  • K chair 2-seater standard black
  • K chair 2-seater moquette green
  • K chair 1 seater standard black
  • K chair 1-seater moquette green
  • Lobby chair 1-seater standard black
  • Lobby chair 1-seater camel
  • D table walnut
  • D chair Ribel Brown

Domani by Karimoku

Domani is one of the luxury brands of Karimoku Furniture. It has been on sale since 1983.
The concept is “Valued furniture that is passed down over time.”
Domani means “tomorrow” in Italian.

About Karimoku Furniture Co., Ltd.

The head office is in Higashiura Town, Chita District, Aichi Prefecture.
“Karimoku” is an abbreviation for “Kariya Wood Industry (Kariya Mokuzai Kougyou)” which was the original company name.
Kariya Wood Industry and Karimoku Furniture Sales merged on April 1, 2010 to become the current Karimoku Furniture Co., Ltd.

  • 1940: Shohei Kato founded a woodworking factory in Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture.
  • 1947: Shohei Kato established Kariya Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 1976: Eiji Kato, the son-in-law of Shohei Kato, becomes the second president of Kariya Wood Industry. (He is the current Advisor of Karimoku Furniture.)
  • 2004: Eiji Kato’s eldest son, Hideki Kato, becomes the third president. (He is the current Chairman of the Board of Karimoku Furniture).
  • 2016: Eiji Kato’s second son (Hideki’s younger brother), Masatoshi Kato becomes the fourth president.

As mentioned above, Karimoku Furniture is family-owned, and the current president, Masatoshi Kato, is the grandson of the founder, Shohei Kato.

Tomonari Kato, the second son-in-law of the founder Shohei Kato, is also a Karimoku Furniture advisor.
Hiroshi Kato, the eldest son of Tomonari Kato, is also the vice president of Karimoku Furniture and the president of group companies, Chita Karimoku and Higashiura Karimoku.
The second son of Tomonari Kato (younger brother of Hiroshi), Makoto Kato is also the vice president of Karimoku Furniture.

Using ergonomics and latest technology, Karimoku originally created products for large companies such as Aisin Seiki, Kawai Musical Instruments, and Sanyo Electric. With the precise wood processing technology cultivated around this time, they manufacture furniture used all over the world today.

There are 24 Karimoku Furniture Showrooms and 2 Domani Showrooms specializing in the Domani collection around Japan.

Eisaku Kubonouchi, a manga artist, used to work at Karimoku Furniture. The model of “Tsurumoku Furniture Company” which appears in the manga “Tsurumoku Dokushin Ryo” (Shogakukan Big Comic Spirits, serialized from 1988 to 1991) is Karimoku Furniture.

Annual sales in 2017 are 23.2 billion yen.
Karimoku Furniture has a group company system consisting of 11 companies in 3 divisions: material companies, manufacturing companies, and sales companies.

Karimoku Furniture Inc.
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