[BuraTamori] What is BuraTamori?

BuraTamori (ブラタモリ)is a Japanese TV show on NHK, which is Japan’s national broadcasting company. The host of this program is Tamori, a famous MC and comedian of Japan. BuraTamori comes from the word, “Burabura” which means “to stroll around”, combined with the name of the host.

As the name suggests, in BuraTamori, Tamori walks places of Japan and sometimes around the world, introducing the cities with deeper insight than regular tourists. In each episode, there is a guide who introduces the city. These guides can be professional or amateur geologists, local historians or curators, and explores the place’s terrain features and geological changes, as well as its history, culture and civil engineering.

In each episode, a theme or question is introduced at the beginning of the program. Tamori and his crew walk the land to find the answers to this question.

The program started in 2008 when Tamori was extremely busy with other programs, so at first, the destinations were usually within or close to Tokyo. These days, the destinations have become farther away, and its viewership has been consistently over 10% since 2015, which is contributing to the program being one of NHK’s highest viewed programs.

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