Saliva Pilot experiment starts in Victoria, Australia: Coronavirus, Covid-19

The state of Victoria, Australia (capital city, Melbourne) has the worst situation of coronavirus infections. As of September 25th, 2020, Australia has had 869 deaths in the nation, and among them, 781 deaths were in the state of Victoria.

To prevent further cases, the state government began a saliva testing pilot program for office workers.

The pilot experiment will be conducted in multiple phases. In the first phase, 1,000 police officers will be tested for two weeks in three police stations in Bendigo, Dandenong and Melbourne.

Currently, Covid-19 testing is done by nasal swab, but saliva testing can be an easier alternative with sufficient accuracy.

Different methods to collect saliva will be tried to find out the most effective method.

Researchers have already confirmed two cases of Covid-19 in the participants. They say this proves that the saliva testing is effective and surveillance in high-risk office environment is important to control the spread of infections.

In the next phase of the pilot experiment, the saliva testing will be expanded to more workers in other offices.

Workplace Covid-19 saliva testing pilot program begins in Aus
Melbourne, Sep 25 : A workplace Covid-19 saliva testing pilot program began in Australia's worst-hit state of Victoria on Friday in an effort to to help