Nyanpaku Sengen (にゃんぱく宣言): Unique Japanese Commercial [Lyrics in Romaji + Translation]

This is a Japanese TV commercial on animal rights for cats, explaining what cat owners should and should not do to their pet cats. The song is a parody of a famous Japanese song from 1979, “Kanpaku Sengen” (関白宣言) by signer Sada Masashi (さだまさし). He also wrote and sang the song in the commercial, titled “Nyanpaku Sengen” (にゃんぱく宣言), because the meow of a cat is pronounced “Nya-” in Japanese.

Below is the translation of the lyrics of “Nyanpaku Sengen”.

ACジャパンCM にゃんぱく宣言

Title: Nyanpaku Sengen (にゃんぱく宣言)
Words and Music by: Sada Masashi (さだまさし)

[Omae ore no kainushi naraba]
If you are my owner

[Ore no karada ore yori kanri shiro]
You must take care of my health more than I do myself

[Ie no soto ni dashitewa ikenai]
You must not take me outside the house

[Kaenai kazu wo kattewa ikenai]
You must not own more than you can afford

[Wasurete kureruna]
You must not forget

[Ore no tayoreru kainushi wa]
My only owner that I can depend on

[Shougai omae tada hitori]
is just you, for all my life

The original song “Kanpaku Sengen” (関白宣言) is a message from a husband to his new wife about what she should and should not do after marriage. It is such a famous song that most Japanese people know the melody and lyrics. This commercial is a parody of this song, made as a message from a pet cat to the owner.